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july 2nd

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First oft, it is July 2nd which means, it is JRAY’s birthday, so I want to wish her a very happy birthday.

And in general I want to wish every one a happy July, so happy July.

I’m attempting to start blogging weekly at least.

This is my goal.

Right now there is a storm blowing over Bowling Green.  It’s so nice hearing thunder, it is one sounds that I completely love, can’t explain it: just do.  But it is the one thing that scares Haylie to the point where she willing gets into my lap and doesn’t move, and if you know Haylie you know unlike her that is.  So now she is curled up on the couch taking a nap.  She took a two-hour nap yesterday and then was up past midnight and didn’t wake up til well after ten this morning.  So her napping now is allowing me enjoy my thunder sound, but does completely screw up her sleeping patterns.

Luke is in the swing which now has fresh batteries and is just rocking back and forth.  Which puts him asleep until I turn off the swing and then he wakes up.  Looks around and gives me this look that is almost demanding of turn the swing back on, which like a good little trained mommy I do.  He then promptly goes back to sleep.  He is really a great baby.  He only cries when there is a need, he is easy to soothe and as long as I stick to the 4 oz every 3 hours he will sleep for a nice long eight hours at night.  Well at least he did last night.  So.  Here is hoping.

I have to give a HUGE congrats to Kevin and Christy who found out today they are having a son.  I’m so excited for them, they will be great parents.  Seriously if either of you are reading this, I’m thrilled for you both.

In addition to  trying to keep this blog updated more often, I’m trying to be a better pen pal.  I have been trying to write three letters today too.  So I keep bouncing between this blog post, my fb, tumblr, pinterest, and letters.  There is a chance I could finish one of the things I want to do if I stayed focused.


So this might be short but I’m gonna say that is all for now, so I can go frost the cupcakes that Haylie and I just made.


That is all.


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