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so I was looking over my recent drafts section.  you know the blog post that you start and never finish or post.  and I see a post entitled farts. so I open it to read whatever I deemed to put under the title of farts,  and it was blank.  I last edited this on April 16th of this year.  So who knows what I was thinking.


It is now June 29th and I’ve excited because Lady Antebellum released their new music video for their latest single, Wanted You More.  I love the song, so seeing the video made my day a bit better.  You should check it out.

Wanted You More, Lady Antebellum


I was hoping to blog more over the summer, my wonderful friend Seanna has a great writing blog, and she updates it like every day, maybe twice a day.  I just don’t know how she does it.  But since she blogs daily, and I fail at it, I figured I’d give her a shout out.  Here is a link to her blog,, check it out.  I especially loved her toolbox picture montage today.

Moving on.

June is basically over and I look back and have to ask myself: What have I done?  The answer is nothing I wanted to have done.  I really have been so uber lazy when it comes to the summer to-do list.  But I do have to say that I’ve read half of Eldest.  Actually over half, I do believe that if I read an hour a day I should have it finished by Wednesday.

Two Hours later:

Well now I’m not sure, about finishing the book, I just caved and joined pinterest and now its 2 hours later, and all I’ve done is scroll down the page.  It is also proving very hard to stay focused on this blog post. So if that site is as addicting as my tumblr page is, I’m gonna have to shut the computer down tonight and not turn it on tomorrow.

It also doesn’t help that Haylie had another “I’m gonna be a baby moment” which is fine, I’m trying very hard to be completely one hundred percent patient with her, and give her the attention when she needs it  making  blogging extremely hard today.  Also I had to stop and try hard not to beat my dog.

Long story time: A few weeks ago Phil asked me to bring him the external hard drive along with my laptop to his work, this was no problem I unhooked it from the back of the computer and took it there.  When he brought it home there was no immediate need to put it back, so I left it sit.  Well when he was looking for his resume he hooked it back up.  But he didn’t put it in the right spot.  he stretched it across the living room.  I’ve been not feeling good today so I’ve been sitting here at the computer and dealing with the kids, well while I was working on cleaning the bottle nipples for Lucas, Lucy the dumb mutt dog that i want to kill chewed completely through the power cord…..Haylie comes and says mommy Lucy is chewing on something, and that was when i came into the living room to see what the mutt had down.  I’m furious now and I really blame Phil.  For his laziness of not putting it where it belongs.  I have so much to do in the house, can’t he just put something where it belongs.

Moving on.

We had Lucas dedicated on Sunday.  June 24th.  This was very special and important to us.  It was great to be able to have him dedicated in the church I grew up in.  That church and more importantly the people there have always meant so much to me, I’m glad that even though I can’t be there every service that it is still home.  That they are always there for me when I need them.

and now another two hours later:

I just fried pork chops.  this seems like no big deal, but i normally get the cheap boneless pork chops from Kroger and just bake them. and they aren’t that great at all. but these chops were from my brother in laws pig roast last saturday.  needless to say they are fairly amazing.

there is more to blog about and to say, but for now:


that is all.


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