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Spring Break Blues

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I love spring break.  It’s better than fall break, winter break, and almost better than summer break.  Not quite better than summer, but a close second.

Spring Break there is no obligations.  Only trips and free time.  You don’t have to care about anything. That is why spring break is so amazing.  Plus it is a full week, not like fall break.  That is my expectation of Spring Break.

However.  That is sadly not the case.  This spring break I have 3, yes 3 huge projects.  Like many days of work.  My spring break is being spent calculating grave goods.  writing a portfolio and figuring out what disturbing content is. Along with re-doing my “road map” outline for the dumb awful class.  Spring break is nothing but a working week without class.  I’d like to protest this notion but what good would it do me.

That along with still getting up at 6:30 every single day is making this spring break just awful.

Therefore my title is relevant.  I’ve got some spring break blues.


I know I do not upkeep this  blog as often as I should, or truthfully as often as I would like.  I think about blogging almost daily.  It is always just a question of time and energy.

I have so much going on that I think should be documented in some fashion but it’s just hard to set the time aside.


Since I’m not sure if I blogged on this subject: We got a dog.  She is a sweet Dalmatian puppy.  Her name is Lucy.  But I swear she has feline DNA.   She tries to sit in window sills.  Also acts very cattish when it comes to sleeping and various other things.  It’s kind of adorable.  Phil does like cats so he completely enamored by the sweet pup. He’ll get down in the floor and play with her, for at least an hour or two nightly.  Haylie is in love too, except that she is also completely jealous of her.  It’s a fine line between love and hate with Haylie.  She wants to take care and play with the puppy, but the puppy has to keep her paws in line, because if she gets too much of the parental attention Haylie gets upset.

We’ve had her for about two months now, (I think? I’m really not sure) and we are all still trying to adjust to each other.

With the warm weather and the shedding of the fur, my allergies aren’t a fan of the puppy, but I heart her, so I’m trying to deal.  So that is the puppy update.


Phil and I have been slowly re-working our house.  Getting better/newer furniture.  We have one more piece and our living room will be done.  We are trying so hard to de-clutter and make our living space as nice as possible.

It has been working well. It’s just a matter of getting time to really work on it, and not being exhausted.  I fear though that by time we have it all done, it will be time to pack and move again.  Which honestly I’m looking forward to. I love school, and Bowling Green.  But I’m tired of being away. We were away in NC, and now away in BG.  Both were valid reasoning but I’m just ready to own a house, and be settled in for a long time.  Get into a routine that does not include me going to school, but a job.  A real job.  A big girl job.  Writing for a paper, doing research for anthropology.  Whatever.  I just am done sitting here prepping for it all.  I want to have a degree.  I want to move on.  Classical done with school thoughts.  I just have to hold on until December.  I’ll be a graduate in December.  Just have to maintain the present course for a bit longer.  Which isn’t a problem.  I’m just ready for that change.


So now on to the topic of how awful it was sitting here in BG knowing that my family could have used me.  The tornadoes that hit on Friday hit my hometown of Piner.  It destroyed so much. It didn’t hit my parent, grandma’s or aunt house.  But it take out a shed, and garage.  Along with busting out all the windows in Rylynn’s old house.  I just am thankful that my family is all safe and sound. But my heart breaks in ways I can’t think of describing for those who lost everything material.  So many people there I’ve known for so long are just trying to pick up the pieces.  Like Mrs. Whaley’s house, it’s gone basically.  She taught me in school.  (not my direct teacher, but worked with Mrs. Wolfe)  I hear Mrs. Wolfe’s son’s house was badly damaged.  A girl I went to school with though we weren’t close but my mom worked intensely with her sister in elementary school, they lost all.  Or that is my assumption based on pictures I’ve seen.

The news coverage and the pictures I’ve seen has just hurt so much because that is where I’m from, my life started there.  It doesn’t help that Haylie has seen the pics and was so worried about our family.  Asking over and over again about certain people’s houses. My confirmation wasn’t good enough, Daddy had to confirm for her all was well as far as our family was concerned. I’m just praying for all the people effective.  It’s all I can do, Mom won’t let me come home.  She told me no.  And I’m being a good daughter and listening. It doesn’t happen often so.  I’m just really sad for my hometown right now.


Well this has been a mighty big blog.  So I’ll end it here.  I’m sure I could continue rambling for a bit more. But I gonna attempt to go back to the schoolwork.  Hope you all are having a great day.

Leave a comment if you have something productive to say, not encouraging.  Productive.



that is all



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