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I’m posting a potential email that I’ll be sending to anyone that may be able to help with the awful class that is killing me slowly.  No joke.


To whom it may concern:


I’m currently a student enrolled in Advanced Reporting, Jour 426 taught by visiting professor, Mercedes De Uriarte.  A class I’m required to take and pass with a minimum of a c grade. In the course catalog it is described as this: “Designed to produce for publication in-depth news reporting, including reporting on government affairs, using interviewing, observation and public records research skills coupled with computer assisted reporting. Capstone course for news/editorial curriculum.”

However, so far in the class I have learned nothing of the sort.  Instead we have intensely discussed white privilege, having our class being demeaned for being a class that isn’t racially mixed.  Talking intensity about white people are the villains who hold back all minorities.  While this may be the truth, it has produced a hostel learning environment.

The professor has not only made it a place where learning cannot prevail.   She has also used the class room to generally discuss how the university where she previously worked, University of Texas, is superior to WKU.  Not only in an academic way, but in the parking situation and having a bookstore that is able to order the right books.  She has also made her personal thoughts on how the university treats its visiting professors very clear, stating that they don’t take care of the professor.  Talking about how they did not provide any information on how to live or function within WKU’s campus.

The ironic thing to me about that is that she has on more than one occasion patronized  my class for not being resourceful enough to figure something out on own.  One example of this was the confusion of what books were required for the class.  The bookstore has a list of books associated with the class that are not the correct books needed for it.  The correct list is under Jour 481. A class that isn’t even taught by her, though whomever made that error as yet to be seen.

The professor has also added to the hostile environment by encouraging us to ask questions when we have one, then ridiculing us for doing so.  The second week of class, students asked about the book situation, we were told to consult our syllabus, but that does not include a required book list.   Other times we have asked about the only assignment included in the syllabus she has never fully answered what the assignment is or explained it in a manner any of us has been able to understand.   This is the end of week four and I have little to no clue how to pass her class.

The professor will also make a reference to something and then inform us of our ignorance since “we should have learned that as freshman.”  Without expanding on the reference or going into how it affects what we are discussing.  She constantly informs us of our uneducated state, making me feel like I’ve waste the last few years of my life that I’ve worked on my degree.

The most outrageous thing that my professor has done, is to date been late on three occasions.  The worst offense was on February 14th when she was 40 minutes late to class.  Had a student walked into any class that late, there is no doubt that they would have been chastised and asked to leave.  I personally find this unprofessional and disrespectful.  I am a mother of a five-year old daughter, have a husband and live over twenty minutes off campus; yet, I am still able to arrive on campus, park and hike all the way to my class room, managing to be on-time, if not early.   While I may have a different set of circumstance, all my fellow class mates have been able to arrive on time as well, making her tardiness unacceptable.

I am unsure that I will make the minimum of a c, because of the way my professor has structured her class.  I am also unsure how to do anything that will change this predicament.  I am asking that some sort of action be taken.  I pay my tuition to learn in an environment that encourages it.  This class is letting me down.  This professor has let me down.  This cannot be how my college story goes.

Thank You

Maciena M. Justice



While I’m sitting it on for now, to make sure it sounds okay and will make a difference.  I wanted to post it here, to get feedback from those who love me.


What do you all think?


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  1. I do not really know how to help in this instance, except to pray for you and for the situation. You have a awesome head on your shoulders and God will help you to know how to handle it. Love n hugs from me and prayers is about all I can send at this point.. ❤

  2. 😦 I am sorry you are going through this. I know this is an important class for you. Is it too late to withdraw from the course without paying for it? It probably is, but you might consider it. I know it might put you back a semester or something but if you are that concerned with not passing to begin with, save yourself the stress. Otherwise, if the whole class is feeling this, maybe you could confront her. Politely…list your concerns. Don’t criticize her harshly, say: we feel we aren’t learning what we are supposed to be learning, or: we are confused about this assignment. If you get enough people to do this in an organized, constructive manner (1st it’ll be a miracle I know), you can at least say you have made her aware of the concerns before going to someone above her, even if it is unhelpful. Maybe you or someone is close to a professor outside the department that can give you some advice. That might be better than going inside the department. If you do that, keep it general, don’t use names so the person will feel more comfortable.

    I don’t know if any of this will help. I hope you can figure this out soon! I love you bunches.

    • its not just a me thing, its a class thing, when i send this email it will be like the 10th or 11th person to do so

      • I completely missed the email part somehow. Sorry, fail. Emails are great, but you might be more effective if you confronted her in a place where she couldn’t avoid you (do this as a class).

      • yea, its an email. sorry you missed that. but i’m not sending it to her. I’m sending it to Mac to see what he and the department can do.

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