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gone and done it now

My husband played on my emotions…..

Phil planned on going and hanging out with his buddy, Matt.  Well when Matt called Phil, Matt told Phil he had gotten side tracked.  As Matt was on his way home, he spotted a puppy that was on a short lead and was stuck in a fence and was choking itself.  So Matt being the good guy he is, he stopped and got the puppy out of the collar to help it.  As he was talking the neighbors he found out that the owner was at work and that she didn’t take care of the Dalmatian that she breeds.

Phil relays this story to me, and it breaks my heart.   So I say I would love to have a dalmatian–which is true– and he says don’t tempt me.  I said I’m not saying no, then went into the list of reason why we shouldn’t take it.

Well Phil leaves and goes over to Matt’s.  I don’t expect to see him for hours, but instead maybe thirty minutes later he is back, and I watch Haylie as Phil walks to the door.  Her jaw drops and she does that little gasp she does when she gets excited.  In walks Phil with the puppy.  Haylie falls in love.  and well so do I.

So now we have a puppy in t

he family.  Her name is Lucy and let me tell you, she’s pretty darn near awesome, except the whole potty training issue.

So yup I’ve gone and done it.



I feel good that we saved her.  Especially when I found out that the owner said that she hoped it was dead, and wasn’t gonna bother looking for it.


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