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Typical End of the Year Post

The title of this is exactly what this post is.

A reflection of my year.

….I survived.

The start of the year was awful.  The world tried to kill me several times, 2 car accidents, medical issues.  The summer wasn’t long enough.  The fall semester was hard, and difficult.  Christmas was good.  All in all I survived the year known as 2011.


that ends the reflection.

because other than my daughter, I’m ready to forget this year.  it wasn’t the best.



moving on.  I’m watching Gilmore Girls.  and its the episode where Emily goes on a date.  it’s really sad that it takes her going on a date to realize how much she loves her husband.

i have to revise my schedule for next semester so that I can graduate next Fall.  Which is really annoying and I’m not sure if I am going to be able to make it work.  I should have planned on not being able to take the winter term and had it already as a back up. but no….I had to trust that I would get my way.  So that is a headache waiting to happen.  I would do it today but TOPNET is down so that has to wait.  But whatever.  It’s so just annoying.

That you tube video is the newest song I’m addicted to.  Hope you listen to it.  It’s just really beautiful.

We (me and haylie) have the song on repeat on YouTube and have it really loud as we play Wii. We played yesterday for two hours and my arms are killing me.  Therefor my playing today is bad, so very bad.  Haylie has beaten me on a few of the training exercises.  That is proof of just how bad it is. Except that I just got a gold medal!!! woot woot!  Just for those who don’t know, when you do the training you get medals and I have never gotten a gold one before.  But I think that I just killed my arm.


But in good news. I got my car back and it looks so very good.  The grill is different from the original but it looks really good, to be honest I am fairly sure that it is a grill off a newer model escape.  So it’s all good.  I’m just really glad to have my car back.

First Wreck.Second Wreck.  and all new again.


So happy to have my car looking all pimp again.


Moving on.  Christmas was really good.  I had a really bad headache, Christmas Eve, but it was still a good time.  Christmas morning was the best yet.  Haylie was so adorable going O my look what Santa got me.  Or Santa knew I wanted this!!  It was so fun.  It was so precious.  So precious.


Well I know this is a short blog, under five hundred words and all.  But I feel like I”m done with this one.


That is all.

Happy New Year.


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