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So, I know my lack of blogging has left all of you so incredibly sad and lost.  I apologize for my busy schedule.  While, I don’t mind the busyness of it, I miss the time when I can reflect on the world around me.

Moving on…

I’m chilling out in Garrett Food Center, waiting on my 10:30am final.  I’m pretty sure I kicked my 8 am’s finals butt so hard…okay that is an exaggeration….I am sure I got a solid B on it.  Which is what I hoped for.  I’ve reviewed all my notes for this next one twice. But I’m hoping that I can get an A.  But it’s a Dr. H final and I’ve never gotten better than a B in the class every single time I’ve been in one of her classes.  Well there might be one exception of an A, but I’m just not sure.

Anyway.  I then have rewrites due at 4pm this afternoon, but that task will come after I rock out Dr. H’s final.  If my hand still works that is.  Essay final.  Enough said.

Truth is what I want most in this moment is another 3 hours of sleep.  Which is truly ridiculousness  because instead of being a good student and studying all night long, I went to bed at nine thirty.  But let me tell you I needed to since I feel asleep within minutes of laying down.  There was no unwind time, think about the day, replay any conversations in my head… was straight to sleep without any dreams.  But the weekend wore me out.

Saturday I spent all day –no from 7:30 until about 2 pm- cleaning.  I did laundry. Picked up. Washed dishes. Various other chores.  All while trying to convince the five-year-old that her room really did need to be cleaned up.  Once my parents got to my house I was already exhausted.  But I had a good time visiting with them.  It’s always fun to have them in my house.

Late Saturday night I then took in a couple of weary travelers.  Becky and Tyler showed up as a surprise.  (I knew that they were coming, Haylie did not.)  So my house was maxed out to surpass fire code regulations…or so I think.

Sunday I got to watch my little star shine so brightly in our churches, children church play.  She did so good.  So good.  I was a proud momma.

The play was very adorable.


But alas, I am now out of time my final starts in 15 minutes.


Love you readers.

Good Luck to those in the finals boat like me.

that is all



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  1. cutest. star. ever.

  2. Enjoyed our visit, wish it could have been longer, and your little star was the best!


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