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a round two

I know I have already posted a small post today about how angry I was about the car accident I had yesterday. But I just feel the need to post again.

Here is why…

Today I stayed after class to talk to a prof. I had a question about something that we had discussed in class and just wanted a bit of clearing up.

We chatted a bit on the subject and I was about ready to leave, but knowing I have missed some class, due to throwing up a bunch, she took the time to care, asking how I had been feeling. She took the time to care. Listened to me talk about how I had been feeling, how it was stressful because I got so far behind with work, how my meds were recently changed and how I was in a car wreck yesterday. Gave me feedback telling me that it was possible to catch up. Just giving me a moment to rant and to have someone care.

It really touched me, that she took the time to care.

that is all.


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  1. That is awesome that your teacher actually took time for you.. sorry you were in another accident.. hugs…


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