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Quick Rant

I need to rant.  Feel free to stop reading here.

I have a professor–name is going to be omitted–who thinks that he is Gods gift to news papers or something.  Why do I say this? Because it never fails in class he has a negative comment about our schools paper.  Every single class we get to hear about the opinion piece that is written by a staffer.  He has even taken it so far as to send emails out condemning the writer. Saying how he lacks focus and slant.


While I agree that every writer needs to face constructive fee-back and improve their writing.  The way in which this professor is doing it, seems cruel.

Today’s piece in question is column (which the professor is comparing to a commentary, not the same thing) is a tribute to the veterans.  Saying that we shouldn’t just remember them on one single day.  Even discussing that our school is honoring a fallen solider and former student.  While it’s not the most in-depth, imagery filled piece.  It is a great piece.  Something that I not only can relate to, but can understand.   It is well written.

Professors complaint: ” Not to go over the top myself, but contrast his piece with the bunch of truisms in the commentary above Nick’s piece, “Thank a veteran; love your country.” It’s baloney, too easy, with no slant. Of course we need to thank our veterans, but please explore what beyond a handshake or a panel on Guthrie Tower we can offer them.  Just yesterday, in fact, I do believe that even our current Republican congress is  willing to give parsing support to one small part of President Obama’s stalled jobs bill, namely a tax credit of more than $9,000 for businesses that hire wounded veterans; the larger sad story is that returning veterans of all ilks have a much higher rate of unemployment than do the rest of us; another story that NPR did yesterday was the increasing divide between those of us who live in regions where we have friends or family in the military (rural South and rural West) and those of us who live in places where we don’t know anybody in the military.  Seems to me that the way we “support” our veterans on Veteran’s Day has to start with dispensing with the empty platitudes in favor of becoming genuinely informed citizens–”


yes i did just copy and paste his email.  moving on….yes professor there are other ways of honoring our vets. and whatnot.  But nothing that was written in the column was wrong either.  There was a slant, how we ignore our veterans until one day of the year.


But my biggest problem is that this professor is –I will just be blunt, old– and while with age comes wisdom it also comes a sense of high and mighty.  This paper is written for college students first.  That has always been my sense of the school paper.


End of the day.  I’m tired of this professor bashing something that countless hours goes into.  He can not possibly understand the work that the staffers (not counting me, because my work fails in comparison with others) put into that paper.


I guess my real bottom line is that my professor should stop bashing the opinion column.  Just because he has been around the block and feels like everything in it is sentimental, or easy.  The writer of the column is writing for his generation not the old folks of my professors.


Rant over.

That is all.


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