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titles are for the weak

So, I feel like I need to apologize to the 3 readers for the lack of blogging of recent.  I would say that life is busy and while that would be the entire truth, it’s not a good excuse.  It just is the circumstances.

Moving on.

The squirrels on campus do not like me.  I know I kicked a nut one day, but they really do not like me.  The walkway I take to go back and forth to the parking lot is full of I swear the same ten squirrels and they hate me.  They jump back and forth over head causing nut to plummet to the ground.  Almost hitting me in the head.  I think they are trying to cause me damage.  I’m not sure why either.  I just know that they are attacking me whenever I walk to the parking lot.  I would really like them to stop, since I really didn’t do anything to them.  I always break for them and I would never dream of eating them.  Because that is just gross.  And now I’m digressing into a weird moment.  We shall move on.

I haven’t been so stressed out in a while.  I don’t even really have a lot going on.  It is more the fact that for my feature writing class, it is just really.  I am supposed to have turned in a feature story last Wednesday.  It isn’t even done now.  I have been sick and wasn’t able to get it done.  So now I’m fairly stressed about it.  I have emailed the prof, and am hoping that I can receive some mercy because I’ve been sick.  So that is that.

Currently there is a lot to do, no time to do it, and I just can’t seem to care.  I think that that fact makes me a bad student at the moment.


On the other hand.  Phil and I have started the slow process of upgrading our home.  We are trying to manage the clutter in our home.  So we got ride of the two less than great dvd racks and replaced it with on sturdy bookcase that now hold all of movies and 85% of our games.  So that kinda awesome.


I think my brain is tapped for the time being.

Until next time, which might be in a month of Sundays.


that is all


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  1. Take deep breaths and just say to yourself.. it’s all about me, it’s all about me… hehe.. love ya.. and your doin fine, tell Phil he needs to double shoot those squirrels for you.. (he will get that).. congrats on the new shelve and talk later..


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