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Yesterday I was trekking up the hill and while passing the row of teacher cars, I noticed that one of the cars door was ajar, being the kind person I pretend to be, I used my body weight to finish shutting the door all the way, then I walked away.  But as I do, I start looking around trying to figure out if anyone saw what I just did and if so, what did they just think?  I actually regretted being nice because it could be misconstrued as something bad.

Then as I continued on my trek to my class I couldn’t help but hate the fact this was my thought  pattern.  Really I did a person a favor –the inner lights were on, the battery could have died–but then felt as if I did something wrong.  I couldn’t believe that is what my mind has come to.  That the mind your own business mentality of I can’t even do a person a favor without even worrying about what it could look like.   



There is more to talk about but there just isn’t time.


that is all.


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