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i fail.

at blogging regularly.

This is just a truth at this point.

I’m not going to spend an hour complaining about the amount of work that this semester is demanding from me.  I will only list that i have five classes, most are upper-level, two part-time jobs, that feel like full-time jobs, and a house to take care of, a daughter who needs full-time attention, a hubby and for one more week i will be thinking of my darling sisters wedding, trying to do every task that she and Tyler hand me to the best of my ability because I want to help make this day of theirs special.  As special as possible.

Needless to say, I’m very busy.

On top of all that work, my teeth have been a source of awfulness.  As I had to have a check up which lead to cavities which lead to fillings which lead to needing a root canal.  So that has been a complication to say the least.

I’m learning how to juggle and prioritize  better though, so I am assuming that is at least an accomplishment.

Lets see.

School:  classes are for the most part fun.  Geography keeps me entertained and I just got a 94 on the first test, so I’m fairly pumped about that.  Med Anth is great.  I missed all last week and i was sad about it, if that tells you anything.  Intro to Arch, I’m not really all about the arch.  It’s a decent class when certain know it all keep their mouths shut.  Creative non fiction writing, well its hard.  writing an essay every week.  it is just really hard to do.  My feature writing class, well I’m not sure about it….yet.  I think it is a good class, but then it’s also really challenging.  who really knows.

Haylie: she turned five.  she has a huge attitude problem.  doesn’t understand the word no.  thinks that she is in charge.  She also plays school everyday, which is super cute.  Loves her new cowboy boots and is the sweetest little girl in my life.  She wants to be Belle and a ballerina for Halloween.   she is learning addition and subtracting.  she has been writing her name very well in lower case.  and she’s awesome.


Fall break is at the end of this week.  So that nice.  good.  and all that.


My dad is on his way here right now.  He and Haylie are gonna get to spend lots of time together since she is on Fall Break all week and I am in classes and Phil works, he’s the perfect babysitter.  Especially since she has the whole week off for Tyler and Becky’s wedding.

I’m wondering what all they will do together.  I imagine looking at  lots of guns.

I feel like I’ve ran out of things to blog about.  so bye readers.


that is all.


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