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Labor Day

do we even know why we have this holiday, I really don’t.  All I know is it is a free day.  I don’t have to go to school, Phil doesn’t have to work.  That is the good thing about it.

Last night  Laura came over and we had a girly party.  It was fun.  I dyed her hair, and she did mine.  We ate cookies and had so many laughs….made me happy.  She’s a great friend.  I’m a lucky girl.

I’m having real issues typing correctly today, I’ve hit the backspace button so many times.  But I blame the horrible desk and equally horrible chair that is causing my hand to not work correctly.  Not my fault at all.  Do you see how that works.

I suppose I should have warned you–the reader–that this is one of those bouncy post, in two ways 1.) I’m bouncy around topics very quickly, and 2.) I’m bouncing between web-pages on my computer,  I am here one minutes, and tumblr the next, and  a few minutes later I”m on facebook.  I should be cleaning my house, or doing school work, but I really just have no desire to do anything other than sit and snuggle or sit and tumblr.

I still need to see the 4th pirates movie.  It  saddens me that I have not yet seen it.  On the other hand I now own Red Riding Hood.  This is awesome because while it was an unrated movie I loved it.  Loved it big time.  I think the story is so well preformed, and the ending….well lets just say I was surprised and completely happy for it.


….For the first time today I’ve let Haylie play with play-doh and let just say that the mess is not worth her happiness.  That might make me a bad or mean mom, but for real its bad.  because she doesn’t make shapes you cuts it up to make soup.  cute yes.  but all the little pieces that are now all over my kitchen are not.


Overall I’ve had a great weekend.  The biggest thing I’ve done was write a story for the paper, and ‘m fairly sure the thought of seeing it in tomorrows edition makes me want to vomit.   Like shake and vomit and all that.  Like really…


I really can’t keep trying to blog not right now …my heart isn’t in it today.  so later loves


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