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voices in my head

I was going to title this particular blog crazy lady.  But the voices told me not too.  I know it is one of those “what is maciena talking about” blogs again.  I’m really good at those.  The random blogs that just go on about absolutely nothing of any importance.

*Do note, this blog is being constructed in a library, and I”m jamming on my iPod and contemplating the moments of life…..But its my blog and I’ll do what I want on it. *

I fancy myself a writer, and while I harbor the fear that the most my career will be is asking people in fancy suits if they want fries with that, I think about writing a lot.  What would be a good story….How could I express that thought, feeling, emotion, etc.  in an essay, story, etc. I even go so far that I hear the conversations of characters rattling around in the open spaces of my mind.

Thus the voices in my head.  There is these characters that keep telling me things that they want to do.  Mike wants to marry his Emma. He also wants his name changed to Charlie.  He hates Mike, and really so do I.  So I don’t disagree that he needs his name changed.  It is a matter of time.  I really do swear that is all it is Mike/Charlie person.

Moving on.  Right now is one of those time where I have a millions things to do, and can’t start.  I don’t know where to start, I have twenty minutes and then I have an interview followed by class, then I have to get home, get my child, then I have a 3 day weekend.  That will be jammed packed with a two do list of: Reading, writing, and various assignments that I just don’t have the energy to think about right now.

This morning was so hard to get out of my bed. The alarm went off, and I woke up but the body was arguing with the soul.  The head finally had the final say and every bit of me crawled out of the warm of the sheet–the only survivor of the night–apparently the comforter retreated to the floor, when the 4 year old got in the bed.  That was also the same time that war for space started.  Let me tell you I was not the victor.  The legs of the man won the bottom of the bed, and the arms head and torso of the child got the top half of the bed, leaving the big ole momma to be smashed and not happy.  See war of the night.  It didn’t help that the mind and imagination ran away and left me with crazy girl dream–one leaving me drowned–yea….rough night to be a Maciena.

I am not complaining  Maciena is a lucky girl.  One of the luckiest.  Got a great family and friends that call and text to the point of extreme when you don’t show up to the lunch table at the proper time.  So I really am not complaining about being maciena, its a privilege to be her, it was just a rough night in her skin.

…I just took a moment to actually re-read this blog thus far, and let me tell you I just know not where to take it next.  I just don’t think I could top what is here so far.  There is just nothing that can top a war at night, drowning dreams and voice in my head.

The craziest part is all the above is true.  Does this mean I need some sort of psychological help.   I really hope not, because if it does, then I like being crazy with the voices in my head.


That is all mostly because I have an interview now, and because how can I top crazy, with out being more crazy…..


Aw a question of the day.


That is all







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