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Not blogging….maybe

So I’m sitting at my computer, and I want to blog.  I really do, but I’m so tired already and by the time I get everything typed out in this blog that I want to write, well it will be later than it already is, and I’m already so tired, with a 5 point to do list, that includes reading three essays so I just can’t blog.  I know that I just can’t blog, yet I really want to.


I want to talk about my greatest day.  Aside from the horrible sound of the happy chipper song of my “good morning” song alarm clock that goes off at 6:30 in the morning, and being in a grumpy mood because it was only the third day of school and I’m guess what…*big fat jazzy fingers*…. already behind.  There were many bad moment.  But also many great ones like the extended lunch break I had with amazing people.  I really am on of the luckiest people alive to have such amazing friends.  I had this great lunch where I was able to not only have fun with my friends and laugh, but I was able to have such a sense of love.  Which lets me honest having relationships with people is really the only thing in the world that matters in the end.  No one will remember what a horrible writer I was, or what grades I made, or how much money I didn’t have…..They will remember how I treated them, what we did together.  So that was fun.

I should blog about my afternoon with Laura.  I mean it was short, but I swear me and her together get along so great.  I’m so glad that her dad played overprotective card and got me introduced to her.  (yes there is a long story with that, maybe one day I might post about that…..)  I think we are crazy, and my crazy shines through when we are together, but ‘m glad about her in my life.

I want to blog about my classes because I really believe that this semester will be amazing.  I have so many idea about how to do things and keep things under control as far as work, and I really  think that the semester is going to be great.


I should and want to blog, but I have to not blog tonight because of the mass amount of things that I have to do.


So yea, not blogging.


This is me, not blogging.


Now its ten.  it was nine when I started not blogging.


that is all.


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