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bank rant

Warning the first part of this blog contains a rant.


Dear Bank Lady,

I understand that you have your rules and regulations.  But when I’m asking you to explain yourself, don’t accuse me of being huffy, or “acting that way”  and hang up on me.

While I understand there are rules for the protection of your clients, I really can’t understand why you won’t talk to me.  I am not only Phil’s legal wife.  The government recognized it.  I am his P.O.A   It just irks me.  I am on other accounts that is at the same bank.  Why won’t you speak to me.  All I asked was which account you were calling in reference too.

But all that aside.  You called me on a Sunday morning.  Sunday.  While I know it is an old fashion concept, you don’t conduct business on a Sunday.  Sunday is the day of rest, the day for the Lord.  The day of a break.  Sunday is not a day your conduct business.  The banks are closed, the post office.  Government buildings.  So really why would you call on a Sunday.

Then on top of it, you hang up on me.  Seriously.


I wish it was possible to go off grid with money.  Because people bug the crap out of me.



end rant here.



In other news.  Phil gets home from fishing today…..I’m both happy to have him back home, and sad to lose the bed being all to myself.  School starts tomorrow.  I’m happy for it, I’ve been wanting to go back for a month now.  But I am also dreading the stress.  Because it will be a lot of stress.   This I know.  I think I am just having pre-semester jitters.  Still.


I had my first article posted on the Herald’s website.  I’m very proud of it.   Here is the link if you are interested in reading it. :

I am very proud and excited to have my first byline.  But now that I’ve posted the link I’m going to make a statement to say that this blog is a completely a separate thing from the paper.  My blog is Justice Views, not Herald Views.   This blog is mine and  mine alone. The views are mine and mine along.  So while I only tend to talk about my personal life.  I want to say that.


Well, I have to get off here now.  Enjoyed ranting.


Sorry if you read this one.  I owe you.






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