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still thursday

So this morning I started a blog saying how bad my day was already,  but the good news is that my day picked up.


I did something today.  I got up and cleaned like a crazy lady, since tomorrow is really my last day of summer.  Hand scrubbed my floor.  It looks so good now, even if I say so myself.  Dishes, laundry,  and  a few other household chores.


Got Haylie off the bus, and the child had honest to God homework today.  Real homework.  I kinda can’t believe it, kind of surprised it took this long for her to get it.

Was happy that I cleaned cause our kitchen table finally has a use.  Homework.

Until Haylie ran to me saying she wants her mommy.


But nerdy/sadly enough the best part of my day was when there was two photos on tumblr posted next to each other that was just beautiful.   The color contrast and such.  So I copied my screen and made it its own post to say what prettiness it was, and people have liked and reblogged it.  Made My DAY!….



That is all again.


Hope you all are having a good day.


Link to tumblr post, in case you care:


That is all again.













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