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i do not have anything to say

except that not having the internet at home, is one of the worst things.  It really isn’t.  And it will be fixed on  Saturday.  But I miss being able to walk to my computer and pop up a page.  It just makes life easier.  I hate when it breaks or gets messed up.

I also dislike being so lazy.  So yesterday I decided to get up and go for a run.  That’s right a run.  I ran a good distant too, half of an inch.  But that inch killed me. (please note the sarcasm, it was more than an inch)  My legs, stomach, feet, back, mostly everything from the neck down is in utter agony.   I don’t know who planted the bright idea of running for exercise in my head.  BUT I DISLIKE YOU!!!  okay not really.  but ow.

I have a list a mile long, and no desire to do it.  Mostly because Phil is off work today, and its hard to do anything when he is lying around doing nothing….its really hard to do anything.  Cause its like well he’s not doing anything.


I’m out of cool things to say  other than I have found my lined sticky notes so I’m hard-core like Trista again.


and that is all.


have a good day.



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  1. I’m almost willing to bet money you didn’t properly stretch or warm up first before said run.


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