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Too Touchy

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I feel too touchy tonight.


There’s this drama going on, it doesn’t directly involve me.  But it’s there.  It’s so annoying.


I”m trying very hard to not let it bother me.  But the simple fact is, it bothers me.


I can’t go into details to protect those involved because I have to remember that my words could have a very negative impact on this certain “friend”  and make the matters worse for that person and really all those involved.


But  for real I just want to scream and shout, which is the same thing, to grow the freak up and move on.  It’s more than a level of maturity.  I know that.  But it still feels like I need to say.  “OMG GET OVER IT.   Stop being a canoe and let everyone be happy, don’t be all touchy and whatnot.”


But alas it is not my place. I’m only hearing half the story and there could be a very good reason for the actions of all involved.  But….


But nothing….Maybe i’m just letting my touchiness affect situations in my head.


That needs to be all.


Because I know I am being vague and confusing.  And before I know it I’ll be talking in circles.


Just wanted to vent and be a grouch.


So grouch out.


That is all.




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