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lies all lies.

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I do not know what to blog about.

I have a to-do list, but its annoying and I am refusing to work on it right now.

I have to finish laundry and I need to pack.

I have dishes to do.


I had a panic attack yesterday, because for some dumb reason I got it into my head that I need a lot more classes than I do.  (after fall 11 I will only need 9 classes)  But I thought it was more than that because I miss counted then couldn’t get the same number of hours after a few times of counting because I was in a panic.  Which it was all for not, because I will only need 9 classes after this up and coming semester.  So at this moment I have three semesters until graduation.  

I’m so ready for school to start.  I don’t really know why.  But I am.  I really want to have a daily routine again.  I have all these plans of things I’ll do as far as school.  Get up take Haylie to school, park, go to class, free time where i will have lunch more class, then get home before Haylie gets off the bus.   Ect Ect.  there is a bunch of plans.  I know I won’t follow a single one.  But I’m really excited to get back into a grove.

Lets see.

Lets see.

I have a Stumble account.  I stumble often, well daily and I found this on it today.  It kinda made my day better.

 You know you are laughing and thinking you wish you could do that.  I know I would totally do that if I could.

So Haylie had nightmare last night.  They were bad.  She was jumping all around in her sleep and whatnot.  So like the third time she came in our room I was awake.  Like I am right now.  Wide freaking awake and it was 330am.  She finally fell into a deep jump free sleep so I took her back to her bed.  I then laid there until sometime after 630am wide awake.  I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I made a list in my head.  I thought about getting up and starting my laundry (something I really wish I would have done.)     Because once I got back to sleep I had some messed up dreams, I mean just crazy.  Then ended up sleeping past ten, so my day feels all out of whack.  Something that I dislike very much.  Why is my enter button suddenly stop working.

Ok got it to work by hitting the shift button…..very odd

I like using different colors especially with my new blog layout.  

Haylie is watch Cinderella, the one with Brandy and the “all-star cast”  she really like it. 

Well I think that I’ve drugged this out long enough.  

Thank You so much for reading this.

Love my readers.

Comments are loved as much.

Happy Monday.

and that is all.


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