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Today I feel as if I should post something of substance.  Not just me going on and on about my life.  So I found this on the internet today, and thought it would be worth sharing to the world-wide web.

This image can be found here:
am not the creator of it, although I do love it.

Moving on.  I want to get creative again.  Whether its writing or making something.  I just am feeling very blah and in a funk. So if I did something creative I think I could get out of said funk.  Thus the picture find and my love for it.

My pirates shot glass was broken today.  Most of it might be able to be saved with tape and glue, but it will be used again, which is so sad because it was my favorite glass to drink chocolate milk and orange juice out of.  I am deeply sadden my its lost.   It was a small tumbler glass.  Perfect.

So I have this playlist and its over a hundred songs long.  It’s basically my favorite music of all time, and my newest song to the list is Remind me by Brad Paisley featuring Carrie Underwood.  It’s such a great song.  

I’m ready for school to start.  I know that sounds really odd, but for me it really isn’t I’m not doing anything on my summer list anymore, which is bad of me.  And I miss the daily get up and go.  I need to be able to have a routine.  I miss the routine.  I am starting to feel caged, and that ends badly for everybody.

I’ve started to ramble.  This may end up being no good.  Or I should do the responsible thing and get off here.

Thank you for all my readers.



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  1. Love this list. Very true.

    P.S. I read all of your blogs. I just never comment. 🙂


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