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don’t think me an idiot

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Listen people.


I know I ramble.

I know I don’t edit.

I know I hit publish before these entries are ready.


I know that none of these things makes a good writer.


But I do this as a journal.

At first I wanted a blog that was edited and polished and amazing.

But these days I do this for me.


I’m thankful for those people who click on the link, whether they read or not.

If they read.  I love them.

If they comment.  Well then I rejoice.


But I am one hundred percent aware.  That I have no grammar.  I make spelling errors.  I make flow errors.

That its choppy and hard to read.


But like I said, this is a journal for me.  To think about issues I see arise, or feelings that I’m dealing with.


If you want to judge.  Be my guest.  But know that while I do sometimes try very hard to not make mistakes, that I still do.

I’m not an editor by any means.  Nor do I want to be.  I rather write something then have someone point out my mistakes.


But anyways.


Don’t think me an idiot.

And thank you so much for those who do read.


Even if you laugh.


Love you all.



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  1. meow. I comment. meow.. there’s another ..I love your face lady.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I don’t thank that having glorious grammar is the important thing here; it’s the fact that you have something good to say. Your blog has substance because it reflects a part of the beautiful amazing woman that you are.


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