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So when I was a teenager I didn’t watch all the shows like Dawson’s Creek (well I watched the last season, when they were in college….bah) or Buffy. But I did watch Roswell.  That show was my first step into weird love.  That sort of intangible love alien in love with human, making everything difficult and such.  Then Tess entered the picture and there is the whole destiny kink.  That love that just rules your every emotion.  You can’t think rationally.  You can’t see straight.  That is the love of Max and Liz.  I have followed that sort of love to watch Edward and Bella and a few others that at this very moment I can’t think of.

But in thinking about things I can truly blame this show for my weird loves.  Vampire/Human ect ect.

But anyway that isn’t the point of this post.  Thanks to my new tumblr obsession and my ability to search for subject matters,  I have rediscovered my love of Roswell.   And thanks to Netflix I have been able to watch all three seasons of it over that last few days.

So basically to sum up this blog post that I’m mainly doing to stay awake while two little girls play in my house.  I love Roswell.  I wish there would have been more episodes.  I think that they only reason that it ended was because of the whole network it was on.  Because it was on in that time when UPN was becoming WB or something like that. So it was hard to keep track of it.

But at least it was a show that got to end.  They knew it was ending so they did it up right and concluded it.  Not like the show Popular that has Sara Rue and Carly Pope and Leslie Bibb on it.  ( That show just ended with a major cliff hanger.  The two main character ran out in front of a car and one of them was hit, you didn’t know which one, and it was just over for all time.  No conclusion or anything.  HORRIBLE.  So at least Roswell got to end.  I still wish that there would have been episodes.

Cause that show was awesome.

I think that some how the shows of my youth were better than the shows of my daughter youth.  Seriously.  I had shows that had heart and substance, she has shows that teach very unmoral things.

Now I’m on a high horse.  Jumping off now. and the end.


I do want to put an apologize note.  I am very tired and I know this is rambling and probably hard to follow.  So if you have stuck with me and have read this, my hats off to you.  And you deserve a cookie, leave me a comment and I will try to provide cookie to you.


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  1. Nah it ended because when upn butcher the rights to both roswell and buffy, they close to air roswell opposite angel. This was a fatal error because most buffy addicts were also fans of angel and roswell but favored angel. This caused thee ratings for roswell to plummet.

    On another note, if you haven’t already watched it, queue up beautiful people on netflix. A little half season show that unfortunately end on a cliff hanger as well but stars jackson rathbone

  2. That also makes sense. I think I actually knew that. As far Beautiful People i have been watching it. I’m on episode 4 and I love it.

  3. I read, you were tired weren’t you, now bring me cookies!


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