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2010-A review

So I am Maciena

I am a horrible blogger.

But since tonight is the last night of 2010. I shall blog, because well I can.


So I am Maciena, here is my 2010 in review:




January-  Started a new semester.

was upset with people, didn’t know how to deal with it.

was surprised that it was 2010. and was annoyed when ppl said twenty ten, cause it bugged me

just focused on surviving the month.

February – My birth month. Was turning 24.  That was hurting my heart.  I felt so old.

I still was holding in feeling that were threatening to expose everything.

Batcrazy was driving me crazy.  I really wanted to stab her with my no. 2 pencil,

love exploring my creative side.  frustrated with other.

Life was painful and stressful and I was failing in my classes and there was nothing i could do

March –  was a blur.

batcrazy hated me, i returned the same feeling.

I felt like a failure, because i couldn’t balance school and life

my best friend has a birthday

I had these underlining emotions that were so close to the surface i felt that i could bust.

April-  I was reaching my breaking point.

school was terrible.

life was hard.

things were crazy

I decided to cut all comms.  because i couldn’t deal anymore

May —  my breaking point was reached.

the semester ended.

I took off to mom’s as soon as i could.

I felt like i could breathe again

June-hiding at moms

cleaning my old room, while walking down memory lane

things were starting to come to head.  and I couldn’t handle things anymore.

had too much to do, and taking a class online.

July– had a summer course

was in silence with those around me that called themselves my best friend-because they didn’t know why I was upset.

want to just breathe and back up

August- took an amazing first vacation with my husband and little girl and sister and her bf

had a month to chill relax

tried to clean and be ready for the up and coming semester

September Haylie turned 4.

School was in full swing.

Hubs and I had some good fights

Time moved way to quickly.

October — School was kicking my butt again, but in a tolerable fashion

time passed faster than before

enjoying classes



November – school kicking my butt, and not in a good way

December — Can’t believe its the end of the year

wishing that time didn’t pass so quickly

happy for christmas, but not all the fam obligations that it implies.

Christmas ended up being terrible….family on the brink….crumbling at the seams….


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