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I am Maciena

I have extreme opinions.

I am not fond of cheaters.

I’m disappointed by society.


We have another no-good-sex-addicted man on our celebrity radar…..

Yup I’m a few days late….give me a break, I DO have a life.

So the latest male-slut on our list….Jesse James.

Mister Sandra Bullock, scandal hit headlines March 15th and since there at least four women have come out and said that James had had relations with them.  Bullock has since moved out of the home they shared, to give herself space to think about her options.  

Up until James checked himself a “treatment” facility he was seen doing his normal routine of dropping his kids off at school, and working at West Coast Choppers.

Though his people haven’t said where he checked into, it seems that it is a sex rehab place…

Now….with the facts being laid out….I have to ask, where is the morality of it all.

Once upon a time, a man and woman stood by their vows.  Standing in front of God, a minster, family and friends saying “Till Death do us Part.” meant something….  Now days it seems that the concept of a wedding is a fallacy. 

What has happened to our world? 

Why is the act of marriage no longer a scared act?

Without going into any other issue….Marriage is now a profane thing….In today’s society we have made a once scared (set aside as special) and made it profane (average, common)  {yes I’m pulling words from my religions studies class} No longer does a marriage mean anything to society.

From our celebrities who defile their marriages, to the fact that I can not open my husbands mail.  I received a phone call, from our credit card company.  Phil’s name is the main name on the account.  My name is also present, and when they asked to speak with him, I informed them that he was not available to talk, but I was his wife.  They not only wouldn’t talk to me, they wouldn’t even leave a message with me. 

We do not take marriage seriously in the world.  We, as a society, have allowed marriage to be a joke.  People no longer say, “I’m looking for the love of my life,” we’ve no begun to say, “o they’ll make a great spouse number one, two, three or eighth.”

The problem doesn’t lie within the cheaters that feed our media senses, it is a problem with our own morals as a society as a whole.  The 50’s might have been the most technical age, or the most fair/equal age or the most exciting era, but then America had a few things right.  Family. Love. Devotion. Sticking to your vows. Standing behind your word. 

Society should take a step back, and see how bad of a state we are in, then take the appropriate measures to readjust our standards.


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  1. Heya Maciena!

    I’ll try not to bog you down with boring history lessons, but from past classes and articles I’ve read, the 50s were actually pretty darned rampant in the whole cheating/love affair thing. What is interesting is that due to old-time images and a rise in nuclear family centered programs (think Leave it Beaver and Father Knows Best), Americans are often guilty of assuming that life was simpler and more wholesome. In the defense of the common American, there were fewer means of social interaction (i.e. no texts, no email, no chat rooms), so if an American man or woman were going to cheat, they were going to have to do it the old fashioned (I guess modern, at the time) way, which was to go and strike up a ‘Hey babe, you and me, how ’bout it’ conversation. This probably helped to dissuade some people. It is certainly true that there was a heavier social taboo regarding cheating. That is, when it happened, the cheater and the cheater’s partner and the person cheated on were all typically ostracized. Not entirely fair, but that was a common result, as far as I’ve been able to figure out.

    Something I want to point out and ask your opinion of is that Jesse James, Tiger Woods, etc. of the day are well known male celebrities. The women they cheated with likely knew just who they were cheating with and what their respective home lives were. Just because the men had the money and fame doesn’t absolve them of the same – possibly higher – moral standards that other American men are held to. My question for you is, are the women they cheated with being taken advantage of, just as guilty as the men in question, or do they fall under some other social status?

  2. Andrew,
    do not mis-understand me, I loathe all cheaters, men and women. I think it is a horrific thing to do. Love is hard enough without having to deal with scumbags of both sexes making it harder. The woman who sleep with these men, are just as bad as the men themselves. Relationships are supposed to be special and treated with respect. I just am trying to point out that somehow most of society forgets that fact.

    Take note, any woman who comes near my husband with the intend of sleeping with him…. well, it won’t end pretty, for her or him. I find the whole thing of sleeping with someone outside of your marriage wrong.

    As far as the history lesson….yes every decade has been full of cheaters I was just using the decade as an example becuase it seems to most main stream media, that in that era it wasn’t an acceptable thing. But I could be wrong on that fact.

    The simple bottom line of my opinion is that if you are making the choice to step out of your marriage or heck i’ll even say commited relationship. You are wrong. and in my book nothing more than a cheater. and cheaters are one step above child abusers in my book.

  3. I think the problem lies in the fact that we are bombarded each and everyday with sexual images. Advertising, tv, radio, internet and even the check out lane at the grocery store are saturated in sex. I’m not trying to place blame on today’s media, every cheater made a choice to cheat, but I do think that the apparent rise in promiscuousness can be attributed to it.

    @shortfold The woman is just as guilty according to the old adage “it takes two to tango”, however, did the woman go after the man or did the man go after the woman? Who is more guilty? Can one be more guilty or more in the wrong? Does it matter? I don’t believe it matters though there may be underlying issues that would have to be address, e.g., sexual addiction.

    • Robert, is it fair to flop it off onto a sexual addiciton. Is it right to say that someone cheated on their spouse because they are addcited to sex….I think that is a lousy excuse that someone invented for their cheating ways.

      I think its a cop out. Marriage is hard work, and it is my belief that a cheater just chose to not work at their marriage.


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