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Ok, seriously…I have tried to make this a serious blog.  My Twilight and Tiger post made me happy.  So I must continue them.

I am Maciena.

I am busy.

I have a love of music.

I have words….lets get to them.


Lady Antebellum.

Facts: They are a country band that formed in Nashville, in 2006.  Consists of Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood, and Hilary Scott.  Debut on Jim Brickman’s single “Never Alone.” Signed with Capitol Records and the released their single “Love Don’t Live Here” off their self titled debut album.

Their career took off and they are currently touring with Tim McGraw and have their sophomore album, “Need You Now” at number three on the Billboard 200.  With their single, “American Honey” on the Country Billboard chart at number 8.

Now:  the reason I’ve chosen my next blog about them, is because first I love them!  I think not only do they have a great sound, and music that can be enjoyed by all, and I feel they have a great approach-able-ness (if that is even a word) with their fans.

Weekly they do an internet video blog, where they show the fans what they are doing.  snippets from concerts and behind the scenes in their life.  I find this amazing. I know celebrities have these insane lives and are always on the go, but to have even these five or so minutes of clips and see what it is like to be in their shows for those few seconds is cool….(yea big journalism word right there).

I think that not only are they fabulous, but they are down to earth…Granted that is just a guess because I’ve never met them….Only watched videos online and read articles written by real journalist…

I think that they are going to be one of the long-lasting greats, like country’s Brooks and Dunn or Alabama.   I hope they do too, because I think they are awesome…

It is my opinion they might be the best new group in the past few years.  I hope they continue to thrive, and be fan friendly.

What are your thoughts?  Who do you think is amazing in music?

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  1. I can tell who I don’t think is amazing in music right this moment…that annoying 16 year old kid Justin Bieber. that song he did with Ludacris makes me want to stab my brain with a q-tip.


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