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New Moon Blues

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No not really, no blues with the movie….I loved it in theater, and I still love it on dvd….sad that somehow I messed up and didn’t get the right version, I don’t have any of the deleted scenes. But its ok, because I did get The Ultimate Fan edition, from Wal-Mart, with the bonus features from “Eclipse”, which makes me a happy girl….Also i have the 6-part documentary on the making of “New Moon”, so that’ll be good.

I did watch it this morning which made me happy.  But right now I’m watching “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”….this is also a great movie…..I know some were disappointed with the way certain story lines were handled. I see and agree with it. But overall, I was very impressed and happy with the movie.  I’m looking forward to the next two from that series.

Another movie that I am looking forward to seeing is “Alice in Wonderland.” I have heard such great things about the movie.  I have been told that its amazing in 3D, and also I’ve been told that I shouldn’t waste my money that 3D isn’t all that great.  I don’t know. 

So what movies are you guys watching?

What movies are you excited about?


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  1. totally see Alice in 3D…amazing!!!
    and you can just come over to my house to see the deleted scenes. Especially if you bring the Eclipse footage…we can ‘trade’

  2. Jen and I saw Alice in regular theater and it was pretty awesome. I loved it – slow at times, but generally enjoyable. Anne Hathaway was brilliant and the best Johnny Depp parts were during the tea party, I think. I’m not sure about the 3-D; I was told that it wasn’t filmed with a 3-D camera, so it wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I have heard others that enjoyed it.

    Jen got me the BBC film version of “Persuasion” – the Jane Austen novel – for my birthday and I adore it. The music, written by Martin Phipps, is absolutely brilliant. I’ve watched a dozen times this weekend.

    I’ve also been catching a lot of Harry Potter in the evenings. I do believe that the Half-Blood Prince is my favorite of the series so far. I just love it. “Not to mention the pinchers…” 😀


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