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So before I even started this little adventure, I told Andrew that I would probably get two views a day….at the most…well thankfully I’ve been wrong some days, I peaked at 11. But mostly I’ve been right, like today, only had two….

I know I haven’t posted anything new, and to be honest thats because I let real life, and hateful school work get in the way of this blog….but I do have a post in the works, its outlined. Yes i’m that big of a nerd and am outlinning this particular blog post i’m working on… and the thoughts are jotted down, but the acutal writing of it isn’t done.

So read if you like, comment if you have something annoying to say…



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  1. If you couldn’t tell, I just stream of conscience write my entries. That’s probably why when I review them I’m like, “Who the heck wrote this?” I’m an intermittent poster as well, so don’t feel bad about that. I think it’s funny, because I know that if I had more readers that I’d blog more consistently, but the fact that I don’t blog consistently is probably part of the reason I don’t have a lot of readers. Ah well. >:3


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