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I have extreme opinions.

I believe in America first.

I am not a fan of companies that lie.

I am Maciena.


Apparently that foreign piece of crap people called a safe and reliable car has done nothing but lied to their clients and the world for who honestly knows how long.

The car company’s lies have been brought to the forefront of socity as we see that for at least the past _??_ years they have worked deligently to cover up mistakes and problems instead of fixing them.

There is all kinds of details that came to light when the cars would speed out of control sending their passengers into a worldwind adventure….

But why am I even bothering…no one cares….customers are still going to defend these cars, saying things like “every company has its problems…” or “they’ll fix it, and it’ll be done….” 

but my only question is….

why was their a problem to begin with….


author side note:

this was started when this was in the headlines….but i was busy…life got in the way….so i missed the prime chance to rant and rave about the stupid company….but i wanted to publish anyway….

besides what does it really matter, no one really read this….because apparently its unreadable. have  a nice day.


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