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To Do or Not to do

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That is truly the question.

I am Maciena.

I have opinions.

I have anger.

Be warned.

It’s good ol hump day, I’m basically already on spring break, and just have 55 minutes standing between me and that wonderful break from school.

But that in lies my anger.  Why should I go to one class, instead of starting my spring break.  It’s not like that class will tip the scale into my intellectual favor.  Why should I have to drag myself to a class room when all my other professors had the good sense to cancel class.  Why do teachers feel the need to be stick in the mud.  I swear one day isn’t the end of the world.

Also teachers who give homework over spring break….what is up with that.   It’s stupid the purpose of the break to recharge.  Not be bogged even further down that whole of work…Seriously.  Students, human in general need to take that moment of break of relaxation…if we don’t we will not maybe but will burn out. 

I know I am not the only one who believes that sometimes teachers are just cruel.

Let me have a free break. No strings attached. So that on Monday, when I enter the classroom again, I feel ready for the evils you have plan.

Ok, so this really isn’t all that big of deal. I suppose, but it troubles me.

Comment your thoughts…I beg you.


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