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Post Halloween


Currently  I’m laying in my bed.  Every single light is off, I’m watching “age of adaline” for the ump  teenth time and trying with all my   might to not lose my mind, why?  Because we went trick or treating and while one   would think all that walking and stimulation over load would knock two toddlers out.   They keep using glow sticks and running and adding more candy to their tiny bellies.  Right now I’d say they are like a rock climber, they are about to the top and so ready to fall but they don’t know it yet.

They are going to go crazy from the sugar in their system, but it’s just happened quite yet.  As mean as this sounds, I need them to crash.  It’s close to midnight, we will  be  getting up in a few hours to go to church and for one night I’d just like to sleep.  One night with no fuss, no back and forth   a million   times.   No kids in my bed.   No looking at the clock and dreading the waking hours   because I won’t get enough sleep.

This post Halloween post is not meant to be a venting session, because we truly had a good time.  My kids and two of their cousins all walked three streets, collected bags of candy and I really do believe they all had a great time.  It’s been a good night.   But the sugar high is sort of unbearable and I only allowed a few pieces.   I now know they snuck a ton more than I had thought. Which is why I’m here typing this at an ungodly hour waiting for the crash.

On one hand I lay and seethe because I am  still awake.  The other hand my heart aches because Lucas keeps calling to me,  “mommy we love you.”   It’s a fine line between sane and insane for  me in this world of parenting.   A sharp, thin delicate line.

And because I hear silence, that is all.


Happy Halloween  and maybe, just maybe goodnight.

Monday Baby

Hope you have a Happy Monday!




Sweet little girl with a cute little bunny….

not a bad Monday.


Happy Monday.

not my image, found on google search.

Monday Baby

Hope you have a Happy Monday!




Monday is sweeter….

when a baby looks at you!


Happy Monday.

not my image, found on google search.

A Life Update

Catching Up



 Written on: 10/10/15

Life has been moving at a break neck pace and keeping up and been hard.

Like it’s already basically the middle of October. I mean really where did that come from. I swear yesterday was August, school was starting and I was panicked about other things. Now it mid October and I’m thinking about Halloween. Thanksgiving is around the corner. Next thing I know it will be Christmas, I mean it’s flying by. September was non-existent almost and I had two kids birthdays and the Hallelujah party at church. But time flew by and that is all over. But other than wondering where all this time goes. Life has been moving.

Randy-now two-is acting like a two-year old. He’s climbing, jumping, talking, scratching (we are working on that one) and is keeping me on my toes. Lucas-three-is calming down a bit. I’m hesitant to say that because one minute, he’s good, playing and being a sweet boy and the next I feel like I’m going to pull my hair out because he and Randy are so wild. Haylie-now nine- is half way to being kick out of the house–according to Phil. But she’s good. She’s thriving. Doing really well in school. She does have an attitude. And that is not okay in any book. But she’s good. Today she asked if she could use my bible and was looking up verses from a lesson that she had recently. That tells me that something is right in her, for her. Phil is still the man I married. Frustrating and amazing all wrapped up in one. He is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. Which is amazing. But frustrating, because he’s gone all the time. But tis the way life is. Me. I’m surviving. I feel balanced and okay right now. Which is abnormal for me. Normally I’m stressed so much that I’m dizzy. Things are hard–wouldn’t deny that–but I feel like I’m handling things better. Now that I’ve said that, someone will catch me not handling things right and call me on it. But that is life too, I suppose. But like I was saying. Things are good for me.

What do I have going on:
Girl Scouts: If you don’t know I’m the troop leader for my daughter troop. When Haylie first got involved, I had no intentions of being a leader. But things and time changed. Now it’s possible and when her previous leaders stepped down. I stepped up. I have a team of help. And thus far it’s doing good. I’m sure I’m not doing everything thing right. But I’m trying and I think it’s working. We meet once a week and that is a lot. I can’t believe how much effort behind the scene it takes to make a one two-hour meeting a week. Plus we are doing outings and it’s just incredible.

Blogs: As always I’m blogging. First I had some major drama. The founder/owner of pulled a runner. When last summer ended so did he. He stopped communicating with all of us. So when it was called on, he was like things are still running. I never stopped running my site. But he stopped paying for it. When that happened I lost two years work of blogs. It was all gone and irretrievable. That was a huge loss for me. But I recovered. And with some help. I have set up Same concept, but now I own it. Hit wise it’s doing good. I haven’t figured out ads on it yet. I’m trying. But it’s a pain in the butt. But it’s working. I have my fan base. My viewers and it’s works. I’m also really working hard on It’s not doing so good at the hits–less than a hundred a day. But it fun. I do it because I love it. I really do. It’s creative and a writing outlet. Not what I ever saw myself doing, but I enjoy it. If I could profit off of ads that would be a benefit. I’m also trying to get POV back in motion and still do a daily devotion. It’s a lot and something always suffers here of late it’s been my devotion and this blog. But i’m trying. I’m trying.

Babysitting: Still doing that. Much smaller scale now, since the kids are all in school. The ride the bus here and I keep them until their parents get off work. But it’s helpful money wise. It also makes me feel good that they trust me to keep their kids.

Toddlers. I deal with them every day. It is the biggest chunk of my day. And it’s the most hardest part of my day. I’m not even going to try to explain it here. That would make a great Mommy Blog. If i can get to it.

Cleaning. I clean every day. I try to make the house look pretty verses lived in. It just never happens. It always ends up being a room full of toys, crumbs, and exhaustion. Phil was gone for a week. And I decided to rearrange my living room. Great in theory. Looked amazing for a day. I really went all out. Moved things, washed the walls, dusted. Even got on my hands and knees to hand scrub the floor with bleach. It lasted two hours before a bowl a Cheerios were spilled. Then stomped on and crushed. Six days later, it could use another bleaching. Not going to happen. Not today anyway. But every day I’m cleaning something. It just never ends. I swear I’ll be cleaning up until I go to meet my Heavenly Father.
That’s my life in a large nutshell.

Things move differently every day; but somehow it’s the same. Fall break is happening now. Haylie has camped and did birthday parties. So now I’m going to make supper and maybe fold some laundry. While listening to my latest feel good/smooth playlist. And dealing with the kiddos until bed.


Happy reading.

that is all.

Monday Baby

Hope you have a Happy Monday!




It’s only Monday…..You’ll make it through!


Happy Monday.

not my image, found on google search.

Monday Baby

Hope you have a Happy Monday!




“What it’s Monday?  Again?”
I couldn’t resist!

Happy Monday.

not my image, found on google search.

Sunday Night Quote




**Image found in Google Search.


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